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4 things you can do now to start your COVID comeback

Canada’s economy is gradually beginning to reopen after the devastating impact of COVID-19. But things won’t be going back to the way they once were. With changes in consumer behaviour comes the inevitable need for businesses to adapt. To recover from COVID, businesses will have to show how they’ll play a role in the new reality that has been born out of the pandemic. Here are four strategies you can turn to right now to make your #covidcomeback.


If you’re not using ecommerce, start now.

COVID-19 has pushed more businesses onto ecommerce platforms, and online retail orders have seen a massive jump from this time last year. It could be many more months until we see a full reopening of malls, dine-in restaurants, and other establishments. Ecommerce is key to surviving the time we have left living in “lockdown limbo,” but it could also be critical for long-term success. Now that consumers have experienced the convenience of ordering basically everything online, it’s expected they’ll continue to prefer businesses that offer ecommerce options even after COVID-19 is behind us.


Up your digital marketing game.

With more consumers heading online, now’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your approach to digital marketing. There are many components to digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), digital ad placement, social media presence and communications, and a solid website.

The area(s) you should focus on will depend on a number of factors related to your audience and the B2B or B2C industry you are positioned in. However, as a rule of thumb, you should have an adaptable marketing plan based upon your online benchmarks and key performance indicators, as well as a defined digital hub, functioning as a centre point for your online activity to strengthen strategic focus and tactical intent.

While taking the time to audit your digital communications can be time-consuming, it’s worth it. People care more about shopping locally, saving money, and keeping their families safe. You need to communicate this and use the digital tools available to you to stand out from your competitors. This is why Venture’s offering digital packages to meet the unique digital marketing needs of entrepreneurs.


Engage with your audience as you figure out what’s next.

Brands have a personality; they’re the means by which you interact with your target audience. Like people, a brand’s always a work in progress and can be viewed favourably or unfavourably depending on how it interacts with the people around it.

Entrepreneurs and business owners must ask themselves what their purpose is in the current economic context, within their specific industry, and within their community. What do their consumers need and how will they meet those needs in the context of COVID-19? 

This is why engagement with your audience is so important: they hold the answers. Consumers are modifying their behaviour to meet their specific needs. How have your consumers been engaging with you or your competitors? If you don’t have enough data, ask them! Create and release content that speaks to your different ideas for innovating in the face of COVID and gauge how your audience responds. In addition to gathering valuable data, it will show your audience that you value their perspectives.


Don’t be afraid to use partnerships to elevate your brand.

If you’ve turned on a TV or so much as glanced at social media during this pandemic, you have likely heard the rallying cry, “we’re all in this together.” What better way to embody this spirit than by forming valuable partnerships with like-minded organizations and people?

Consider partnering with other organizations and engaging in symbiotic cross-promotion. For example, if you’re a local makeup artist who can’t work right now, consider partnering with a smaller cosmetic company and showcasing your best lockdown look using their products on your social media. While many of us are taking on a competitive mindset with the goal of surviving this pandemic, we also need to consider opportunities for us to work collaboratively.

Now’s also a prime time to consider working with influencers. While their main selling point is their audience and the ability to gain further exposure for your business, they can also help increase consumer trust in your brand, as consumers turn to their favourite influencers for advice and tips on which products to (and not to) purchase.  



No one truly knows how long COVID-19 will last. Regardless, this pandemic has changed us, the way we do business, the way we shop, and the way we interact with one another. The path forward may seem like a vast, dark wilderness at the moment, but entrepreneurs have always managed to survive through innovation, creativity, and collaboration. When you combine this attitude with a strategic marketing plan, not only will you manage to survive COVID-19, you’ll thrive in spite of it.


At Venture, digital reinvention is just one of our skill sets. If your business needs a digital marketing boost, get in touch with our team today.